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The Rework CEO Community is a friendly group of CEOs who are intentionally building their companies in self-managed, Participation Age ways. We get together in person for a CEO Summit once a year to sharpen our thinking and share new ideas.


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Perhaps! Please read up and see if you fit the bill.

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We're hoping to host another CEO Summit sometime soon, but don't have details yet! Get on the list (below) and we'll keep you in the loop.

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Our Community Hosts

Chuck Blakeman

Entrepreneur, speaker, Inc. Columnist. Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Crankset Group. Author of #1 Business Book in 2010 and Top 10 Business book in 2013. TEDx speaker and cyclist.


Chuck Blakeman
Josh Allan Dykstra

Thought leader, speaker, and author with articles in Fast CompanyForbes, and Huffington Post. Husband, dad, and entrepreneur. Co-CEO of Forte & Strengthscope U.S., and Co-Founder of The Work Revolution.


Josh Allan Dykstra

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