The art of work has been lost.

Now, most of us just have "jobs"—mindless, and often soulless, jobs. And yet, despite the vast majority of people finding a profound disconnect in our jobs, we spend more of our lives in pursuit of this "job thing" than anything else.

And to top it all off, the way we are working isn't even the best way to produce great results...!

It's time to rebuild the art of work.

Welcome to the Rework CEO Community.



There are 3 primary reasons we’re doing this:

  • CREATE COLLISIONS — CEOs will find and meet other CEOs who are already leading Participation Age companies in the emerging work world.
  • CREATE SAFE, TRANSPARENT CONNECTIONS — Participation Age CEOs will connect in a meaningful way by sharing stories, ideas, methodologies and processes, along with diving into dialogue that will push you and your company forward.
  • CREATE COMMUNITY — CEOs will find ongoing community with other like-minded CEOs to connect with on a regular basis through the year.